Erfahrungsbericht von Jane – Englisch

(Letter from Jane – September 3rd, 2019)

First I will start with a vote of thanks for both hosts Rita Gundrum seusse and his co-partner Helmut Hartmann for the privilege of inviting me to Germany. This is an experience of a lifetime and memories to be treasured. Being my first time in an aeroplane was my first experience.somehow happy and somehow with fear of unknown reason being I don‘t know who is the pilot and incase something happens what should I do. The aeroplane when it starts off and when it lands was another issue. Blocked ears both me and my son and he started crying and as a mother I was wondering if it‘s normal or maybe we are sick. I met this good seatmate in the aeroplane who saw how uncomfortable I was and he could ask me now and then if I am okay. Thanks to him also he told me on how to change planes which I had no clue on what to do. My arrival to Frankfurt was now my other surprise. Everything seemed different from my country am used to noisy towns with touts shouting for passengers to board their vehicles. The cleanliness of this city also amazed me and no traffic jam which am used to.trains to me was a new and exciting having never been in a train with bicycles people with beautiful puppies and since most of them noticed my shock they would smile at me. In Kenya we use plastic bags which are not well disposed and so the cleanliness in our towns are chaotic papers and plastic bags are scattered all over. My first visit was at Rita‘s friends birthday which was awesome with friendly and welcoming couple. That first visit just relaxed me seeing how this couple welcomed me and interacted with me so well (names forgotten) everybody was amazingly happy. Visit to hannmunden at achims and Eva place was another wonder of the world. The small city is definitely a thing to remember. The rivers on our way and the church which Rita bought me a cross and this will be a good memory to cherish. The welcome we got at Achims and Eva place was amazing. Good hearted and friendly people.thanks to Eva for encouraging me to be a strong woman. The experience of seeing German men going to kitchen and helping the partner was just a shocker this is an experience not seen in our country where men are taken as so special beings.personally I realise our Culture, the food, the lifestyle is so different from Kenya. Thanks to both my hosts for the different sites, towns and places I visited. The school meeting with some students was just an experience. Thanks to all the teachers (names please) and students whom we shared a lot about my culture and the way of life and they were able to listen and to ask me questions and it was a happy moment. Visit to marburg, hann munden, korbach, edersee, herkules, tierpark and all other places I visited was an experience to be remembered. The interaction with kassel people was just amazing the warmth and many presents I got from Rita‘s friends. It was a short visit but I can write the whole novel. To Rita‘s family and friends I hope I would give back your kindness and warm welcome to me and my son. Dagi, Eva, again, Kai‘s family and katjia and okker I will always remember my interactions with you. Thanks also to all sponsors who are taking this noble course of helping a poor child get educated and also a household to drink clean water.without education we cannot build our countries and ourselves. Without clean water we will all die of various diseases.i would end by this saying that a hand that gives is more blessed than a hand that received and therefore to all our sponsors definitely you are blessed. My wish is to touch a life of the many underpriviliged Kenyans kids who doesn‘t have a guarantee in education due to its high cost. Thanks to Rita for visiting Kenya and immediately noticing the gap between educated and uneducated kids. We may not repay you all but there is a God who pays all good deeds. My part as a coordinator of school fee programme  is to encourage and to motivate our young people. Once again thanks to both hosts Helmut and Rita and if given another chance I would visit again and learn more so as to encourage this kids that are privileged to get a chance from water and life aid Kenya. Feel blessed and appreciated. 

Jane Naserian